Why You Should Buy A Garment Steamer

The composition of steam is made up of gentle properties. With the use of steam, the existing wrinkles of your clothes will be removed. There is absolutely no need for you to worry about ending up destroying your clothing since steam is not corrosive. Furthermore, you get to De-wrinkle more of your clothing since steaming works much faster as compared to ironing.

Garment Steamer

Features to Consider when Buying a Garment Steamer


Garment steamers come in a variety of sizes. The bigger ones may be the best option for commercial-grade companies that manufacture thousands of clothes on a daily basis. Garment steaming at home will only require you to buy smaller ones that are not complicated to operate. Moreover, these smaller garment steamers are also perfect for those who travel more than once every month. It is not convenient to lug around heavy garment steamers since they will only become excess baggage and fine you with huge fees that would have to be deducted to your total budget.

Its Use on a Variety of Fabrics:

Garment steamer reviews, which reflect the comments and the feedback submitted by those who use their very own garment steamers, indicate that these items actually have a lot of uses. Apart from De-wrinkling your clothing, they can also be used for beautifying the presentation of your upholstery and drapery. As compared to normal steam-dry irons, garment steamers can be easily used on fabrics such as satin, silk, lace, and polyester, without having to worry about scorching them.

An Advantage over the Flat Iron:

You may have noticed that traditional types of the steam-dry irons tend to wrinkle your clothing’s linings as well as its lower layers. Usually, this occurs when you are trying to flatten your clothing’s upper layers. This just means to show that it is nearly impossible to remove all of the wrinkles on your entire clothing when you use the steam-dry irons.

Garment steamers, on the other hand, do not have this issue. Users of this particular product, as they have commented on various garment steamer reviews, have been very satisfied with how their garment steamer has been working for them. With a steamer, you can easily reach your clothing’s underside, including your shirt’s cuffs and ruffles.

Why You Should Buy This Product

You do not have to be a traveler for you to enjoy the benefits of garment steamers. Surprisingly, different kinds of people have been benefiting from this invention. The posts on online garment steamer reviews show that some of the users are professionals, chauffeurs, flight attendant, etc. This proves that everyone can benefit from garment steamers, especially in today’s fast-paced world.

Apart from its wonderful effects, another thing that makes it a better choice than steam-dry irons is that they are very portable. In fact, you can just place them inside your purse. This way, whenever you feel like your clothes have become wrinkled, you can just whip out your garment steamer and steam the wrinkles flat.


Compared to the best steam-dry Irons that have been traditionally used over the years, garment steamers have certainly been the better choice. However, you need to understand that, since they are very handy products, they tend to heat up much more quickly. You need to be very careful when you are handling one because you could end up burning yourself. You can study the accompanying instruction manual so that you know precisely how to use it without damaging your skin.

Furthermore, regardless of what brand your garment steamer is, you must understand that it may not do everything you want it to. There is a possibility that buttons and trims may be damaged because of the heat of the steam. Although they would not be removed, the heat may cause a portion of the button to be deformed.

Top 3 Best Garment Steamers in The Market

11. Steamfast SF-540 Deluxe Fabric Steamer:

Featuring enhanced steaming with large capacity water tank and various useful accessories. It works fast to penetrategarmet1 deep into the fabrics with its hot steam to release wrinkles and makes your clothes fresh. The SF-540 works gently on delicate fabrics but also works well on drapes, upholstery as well as various other heavy materials.

It provides a garment clip to pull garments so you can easily steam out wrinkles. Press pad will work as a handheld ironing board. It also has a crease tool to make crisp creases and attachable fabric brush. Removable water tank for easy refilling and large wheels on the back for easy maneuverability.

2. Conair Garment Steamer:

2This fabric steamer provides 1600 watts of steaming power, it takes only 35-45 seconds heating time and you can have a constant steam for 90 minutes. It comes with a rotating hanger to work with various kinds of garments and also convenient clips to work on pants. The easy empty release valve is making the unit easy to clean.

Also provides a fabric hose and a t-nozzle for optimum steaming results. When used properly, this steamer will eliminate dust mites and bedbugs. The smart design makes this product durable, easy to handle, easy to clean, and works perfectly for your garments.

33. Steamfast SF-407 Fabric steamer:

The SF-407 is a very reliable and effective steamer for all your fabric steaming garment jobs. It works perfectly for delicate fabrics and also for various heavy materials like drapes and upholstery. It comes with telescopic pole that’s detachable and you can easily adjust the height for optimum use. Four rolling casters designed to give you great maneuverability on any surface.

It also has removable water tank for easy refilling with 40 oz capacity. The attachable fabric brush will get rid of lint hair, and loose threads from the fabrics, you will also get clothes hanger hook and a press pad to make the job much easier.

Travel Garment Steamers

The best travel garment steamer is perfect for keeping your clothes their best while traveling. The steamer is not only limited to removing wrinkles; it also helps freshen and minimize the odors form clothes. Of course, this is also usable at home. A small, lightweight steamer is perfect for instant touch-ups.

Travel Garment Steamer

Why Use Travel Garment Steamer?

If you hate using iron, but do not like to look rumpled, the best travel garment steamer is the answer. Quick and simple to use, it can DE-wrinkle drapes, clothes and everything that needs to be neaten. If you always travel, a handy garment steamer will help you maintain a spick and span look even when living out of your suitcase.

What Should You Consider When Buying Travel Garment Steamer?

Before you proceed on buying a garment steamer, take some time to review these tips to help you make the best decision. Steam is an effective and gentle method to remove wrinkles. Steaming is faster than ironing and will not damage or burn most fabrics. Think about how you intend to make use of it and what features that will suit your needs to find the best travel garment steamer.

Since this kind of steamer is fully intended to be used for travel purposes, a durable full-size unit that provides a bendable hose and flexible extension cord. Set your price! Steamers come in a broad range of prices. Identify your budget; you might have to give some time to compare features and prices.

Explore every model’s performance evaluation on independent sites like Consumerreports.org or Ba04.org. Learn how rapidly each steamer heats up, its strength to put off hot water burns and spills. Reconsider every model’s features and attachments, such as collapsible handles, brushes and het and steam settings. Read the small print about every steamer’s wattage and energy usage.

Top 3 of the most popular travel garment steamer

1. ESTEAM Personal Hand Held Steamer, 120 Volt

ESTEAMThe Jiffy Steamer’s ESTEAM is the most powerful hand-held steamer on the market today. This simple-to-operate steamer is perfect for office, home and on the road use. The ESTEAM offers a beneficial method to get rid of wrinkles, without using an iron, with 3 times powerful than most other travel garment steamers out there. The ESTEAM has a fast heat up time of less than 2 minutes and will steam endlessly for 15 minutes per filling.


2. Travel Smart by Conair 450-Watt Dual Voltage Travel Garment Steamer

ConairThis is getting more popular everyday because it keeps on satisfying the users and truly works as promise. Frequent travelers or even those at home will absolutely love this because of its ability to steam at most angles and only needs ten minute steam time. This travel garment steamer kills bust mites and bed bugs and has a universal dual voltage with 8-ft line cord.


3. SALAV TS-01 Black Travel Handheld Garment Steamer

SALAV TS-01The SALAV TS-01 Travel Handheld Steamer offers great steam on the go. Solid, simple to fill and employ, the TS-01 heats up in a rapid 150 seconds and supplies up to 10 minutes of steam. The 265 watts of continuous, powerful steam straightens and softens wrinkles on clothing, upholstery, drapes and more. The automatic voltage adjustment element will settle in to any country’s required voltage making the TS-01 your vital journey accessory.